Environmental Graphics, Signage and Wayfinding

Don't site survey.

Wayfindit is an all-inclusive app that brings convenience and consistency to site surveying and signage management.


Plans Surveyed

Signs Documented

20 Million
Square Feet Surveyed

Reduction in
Survey Time 

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Designed for the signage industry

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Sign Design Firms

Sign Programming

Managing Fabrication and Punchlisting

Maintaining Brand Consistency

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Sign Fabricators

Site Surveying

Applying Sign Standards

Maintaining Fabrication and Installation Quantity Lists

Sign Management Upgraded

With Wayfindit, you can streamline project data collection and collaboration—no matter how complex your project is or how many team members are involved. Our robust tools let your team survey and maintain your signage database quickly and efficiently to better serve your customers.

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Save Time and Money



Simplified Surveys



Consistent Results


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Easy Collaboration


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Wayfindit Pricing


Pricing is based solely on the number of licenses you use. There are discounts (up to 26.7% off) given for over 3 and over 15 licenses and if purchased for the year and there is one month free per license. 

All licenses include:

  • Unlimited Projects

  • Unlimited Signs

  • Unlimited View-Only Licenses


Pricing Calculator


Note: Licenses can be used for multiple devices but not concurrently. For example, you can use your license on your mobile device to survey but when back at the office you must log out of your mobile device before you can log in with your desktop.