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About Wayfindit

Wayfindit was founded as a solution to alleviate the difficulties that surveyors, project managers, architects, event managers, and other professionals face every single day.

The traditional ways of surveying and planning—handwritten notes, random photos, inaccurate floor plans, etc.—might have been useful a half-century ago, but today, they’re not good enough to meet the exacting needs of the busy, high-profile clients who are willing to pay you top dollar for your expertise.

That’s why we’ve developed proprietary software to give you an “unfair advantage” in your business. No matter whether you’re an architect, event manager, or other planning professional, you need the most sophisticated tools available to help ensure that you maintain a serious edge over your competition.

Our CEO, Lauren Kelly, experienced many of the same frustrations that you have likely encountered for years. Rather than simply accepting those grievances as part of “business as usual,” she decided to use her decades of experience in the software industry to help make a difference for people like you.

Kelly developed a duo of proprietary systems—Wayfindit—to take the guesswork and frustration out of surveying and improving sites. These systems are the result of years of project planning study, consulting with professionals just like you, and performing assessments to determine exactly what clients expect from project facilitators.

She even made it simple to plan installations, events, and other elements for existing sites, even before the foundation has been laid. With the robust, intricately designed software, project planners can accurately plot, pinpoint, and plan elements and assets quickly and easily. The system completely eliminates the typical frustrations of dealing with multiple surveyors, conflicting data, and other issues that commonly cause delays, cost overages, and other issues for professionals every single day.

If you’re interested in minimizing your site survey costs and finding out how to generate the fastest, most accurate results for your clients, then read on to find out how our software systems can make your company as efficient and profitable as possible.

At Wayfindit, our job is to make site surveying and planning, event management, and fabrication and installation as simple as possible. That way, you can concentrate on the functions that you and your team members do best! Leave the details to us; the team at Wayfindit is here to help you make all of your projects a rousing success!