Adding Floor Plans

There are two steps to adding floor plans to your project:

  1. Creating a project structure by adding “Groups” and “Plans”.

  2. Uploading the floor plan images to the “Plans.”

In Wayfindit we structure projects using what we call “Groups” and “Plans”. Groups are simply collections of plans. For example, if you were documenting a University campus, the campus itself would be the project, the individual buildings on campus would be groups and the floors within each building would be plans.

Once the groups and plans are created, a floor plan (also referred to as a background image). This image is what will be used to plot all the surveyed locations.

Below are how to complete these two steps. First are interactive video, then text versions.


Step 1

Select your project from the dashboard.

Step 2

Click “Edit Project Structure” link in the left menu.

Step 3

Click “Add New Plan Group”.

Step 4

Name Your Plan Group and click “Save”.

Step 5

After you have clicked “Edit Project Structure” in the left menu (See Step two), click the “+” at the top of your group to add a plan.

Step 6

Name Your Plan and click “Save”.

Step 7

To add a background image, click the interwoven arrows to swap a Background Plan.

Note: a default plan is automatically created so if it is a new plan you are adding you still swap from the default to your actual plan. You can swap the background image at any time and the locations will stay in the same place as long as the image is the same size. You may want to do this if the architect sends updated plans.

Step 8

Upload Background Plan by dragging and dropping your image onto the page. Note: all plans must be single page PDF, jpg, gif or png. PDF’s must be under 2MB and all other formats under 3MB