Surveying on a Mobile Device

Surveying includes adding, editing and moving plot points within Wayfindit.


Step 1

Open project to work on. You can use the “Filter” option for quick sorting of your projects.


Step 2 

Select the Group you will be surveying in.

Step 3 

After a plan is downloaded to your device, select the plan you want to survey.

Step 4 - Add Plot Point

Find the location where the survey asset is located on the floor plan and tap on it.

To make this easier you can  pinch or use the buttons or the slider at the bottom of the screen to zoom in and out to. Use a single finger to scroll around the plan.

If you zoom to far in either direction you can click the “Zoom Reset” to bring you back to the original zoom.

Step 5 

A red dot will appear in the location tapped. Then click “Add Plot”.

Step 6 

A popup will appear with a sign name pre-populated.

Select your sign type. Then customize the name and all the details in the data fields created for both General Info and Details. Now add pictures by clicking the "Photos" tab.

Step 7

Use the “Tap to add photo” button to take pictures or add photo from your photo library or documents on your device.


Click “Save” and photos are synced with the cloud and accessible on all devices after a browser refresh.


Note: You can take as many photos as you want per plot point.

Step 8 - Edit Plot Point

The top button on the floor plan is set to “Edit Mode” as a default. While in "Edit Mode" scroll and zoom in on the plot point to edit and click on it.

Step 9 

Edit the notes and dropdown menus as required. You can also take more photos by going to the “Photos” tab. When done, click “Save”.

Step 10 - Move Plot Point

To move a plot point click the top button from “Edit Mode” to “Move Mode”. Now plot points can be clicked and dragged to reposition them.