Offline Mode Explained

Survey with or without an internet connection. 

You may need offline mode if you are in an area that has no internet or if you want to save your cellular data. Wayfindit will detect if no connection is available or you can manually but the app in offline mode. In offline mode.  

When offline Wayfindit stores the survey information locally on your device. Then when an internet connection is reestablished the data will sync with the cloud.


Step 1

From the project screen, click the hamburger menu in the top right hand corner.


Step 2 

Select “Settings” in the menu.

Step 3 

From settings you can manually go into offline mode. In offline mode the app will not download or upload any information. If you intend to survey in offline mode, be sure to have all your plans pre-downloaded.

Step 4 

When “Offline Mode” is active, the bottom of your app will read “Functioning in offline mode.” You can still survey and all the information is stored on your mobile device.

Step 5 

Another situation may be that internet is not available. In that case the same “Function in offline mode.” Is displayed. Again, as long as plans are downloaded, you can continue to survey and the information will be stored on your mobile device.

When internet connection is re-established, any data collected while in offline mode is synced. If there are numerous changes that have been made, a status bar of progress is displayed counting down the number of files to be updated.