Upgrade your surveys

Wayfindit started as an internal solution to help make our surveying faster and easier. Here are a few of the benefits us and our clients have expressed. Sign up for a free trial to see it is a good fit for your team.

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Save Time and Money

Wayfindit cuts your surveying time as much as 50% saving money and frustrations.

Many of the traditional ways of surveying are inherently inefficient, which ends up costing you time and money—often requiring the use multiple software to complete and report on your surveys, or to manually re-input the information and match photos into a database when you get back to the office.

All these steps require extra time to not only complete a survey, but also to train employees in many systems.


Simplified Surveys

Wayfindit is an all-in-one solution that keeps all of your data, photos, notes, and drawings in one place from the start. You'll never have to match a photo again.

Traditional surveying techniques use various tools to complete the task, everything from pen and paper, multiple software systems, and manually matching photos to a database. This can create potential for human error, and it can result in producing inaccurate data that takes time to fix. In extreme cases, these accidents may require you to re-survey parts of the project.


Consistent Results

Wayfindit uses customizable drop-down menus to standardize fields, thereby limiting many of the errors associated with site surveys.

Often, surveyors in the field have slightly different ways of documenting the same information. This has the potential to create error and confusion in future phases of a project. Wayfindit keeps everyone on the same page with dropdown menus that keep the results consistent no matter who is surveying.


Easy Collaboration

With Wayfindit, your team can perform and edit surveys anywhere — even when there's no internet connection.   

When connected to the internet, the device automatically updates to the Cloud, giving project managers real-time access to survey progress. When no internet connection is available surveys are stored locally on the device. When a connection is reestablished, the system syncs automatically.