Wayfindit Brand Platform


Coming Soon

Wayfindit is coming out with a new way to store your brand guidelines. It is easy to keep all your assets up-to-date and make sure your team and vendors are using the most current versions of your branded materials. Wayfindit Brand Platform features:

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Central Resources Repository

Have confidence that you are using the most current asset by having all your branded asset one central place. Also, that you have all the information to get the job done. Each asset in the portal can have detailed information such as:

  • Summary of when the asset is to be used

  • Design Information

  • Technical Drawings

  • Fabrication Instructions

  • Installation Details

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Easy Collaboration

Give controlled access to your portal to vendors and consultants. You can:

  • Create custom-built individual and group user access

  • Decide what information to share with the individuals or groups

  • Determine how long they have access to the information

This give you the flexibility to grant access whenever it is needed but retain control over your branded assets.

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Guided Decision Making

Just having all your assets listed is often not enough to have vendors know which is the correct one to use. Wayfindit Brand Portal has a decision tree function built-in to help your team, vendors and consultants answer their own questions or to get the most accurate information on how to use your branded assets. This saves time, money and having to go back and forth when it is unclear which asset is to be used.

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Easily Update

Make edits to your guidelines easily without having to distribute new standards. As updates are made:

  • A history of the changes is added to in the assets information section.

  • Email notifications can be sent out to users or groups with access to the updated asset.

  • Older versions are saved by date and are available if a rollback is needed.

This way you can easily see what and when changes were made and have confidence you are working with the most recent assets.

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Desktop and Mobile

Have access to your portal wherever you are accessing it on your desktop or mobile device.

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Integrates with Wayfindit Sign Libraries

Brand portal assets directly integrate with Wayfindit Sign Libraries making it faster and easier to setup your projects. It also provides additional information and quick checking of the guidelines to be sure you are assigning the right asset to each location.