Clear Data From Mobile Device

If you are doing a lot of surveying your device memory may be filling up. With Wayfindit you can check if all your information has been updated to the cloud then clear all of it out. This way you know you will not be losing valuable data and free up space on your device.


Step 1

After opening any plan click the hamburger menu in the upper right hand corner.

Step 2

Click “Settings”.


Step 3 

Scroll down and click “Review/Delete All Data”. This will not delete your data. You must first review it before you can delete.

Step 4

This screen shows the data that has not been synced to the cloud. If there is anything but zeros in for each item, that data has not been synced and will be lost if deleting is continued. This is most likely caused if there is no internet connection.

Before reaching out to support, please open the app when you have a strong internet connection and see if the app will automatically sync. If not, please contact support to ensure your data is not lost.

Please note that you can survey without an internet connection. The information is stored locally on your device but you wouldn’t want to delete any data that has not been synced.

If there is not data that needs to be synced and all the columns are zero, click “Continue Deleting All Data”. This will clear all the data from your device.