Traditional site surveying is a time and resource thief.

Wayfindit users report that using the software saves them about 50% of the time it takes vs traditional site survey procedures. The extra time comes with extra frustrations

These are actual statements from Wayfindit users when asked why they were looking for signage software.

Even small surveys can have several hundred locations which mean hundreds if not thousands of pictures to sort through, categorized and added to a database manually. This takes way too much time.
— Wayfindit User
Generating survey reports ruins my life.
— Wayfindit User
Some surveys get so crazy we are worried about losing our reputation or future work with clients.
— Wayfindit User
When clients send updates not everyone is sure which is the most recent plan to use. Inevitably someone uses the wrong one and it is a pain to fix.
— Wayfindit User

When a locaiton is put in the wrong spot it is a major pain to fix.
Everytime we have to go back on site because of an error it is increadably expensive.
Every time there is a change to the project, it has to be updated in like 4 places. Super annoying!
Sometimes I get a “rouge” photo. No idea where it goes.
As a project manager, I need something to help me see what is going on in the field so I can keep the customer informed.
Sometimes we are willing to lose money on the survey part and make it up on the fabrication but would rather make money on both.
I spend way to much time on the survey management part and not near enough acutally designing.

You get a new signage project from a client and your team thinks, this one has to go better than the last. But then:

  1. The client sends multiple updates to the floor plan and not everyone is sure which is the most recent one to use.

  2. The survey is several hundred locations which means hundreds of pictures to sorted through, categorized and added to a data base.

  3. The notes and locations from the survey need to be added to the digital version of the floor plans and the data base but some are hard to read and their is back and forth with the survey team on what goes where.

  4. Some of the locations are in the wrong place or missed. Their are rouge photos that no one is sure where they go. Sign types are needing to be updated in the data base and the floor plans.

And before you know it you are behind schedule and over budget, you have gone over the database a dozen times, you and the client are frustrated and now you have to start installing.

Instead, how does this sound?

  1. Never match a photo to a location.

  2. Give client access so they can view and comment easily.

  3. Generate reports at the click of a button.

  4. Easily punch-listing

  5. Reuse sign libraries for quick project setup

  6. No deciphering handwritten notes

  7. Save time

  8. Save Hastle

Let Wayfindit be your secret weapon to impress your boss and your client while keeping your sanity.