Wayfindit FAQ

What are some of the common problems Wayfindit helps with?

  • Photo and info collection limitations. Example: it is not always easy to document the direction the photo was taken.

  • Incorrect matched dimensions, photographs/images and notes.

  • Multiple passes through data and duplication of documentation.

  • Difficulty maintaining consistent, current and updated project data.

  • Limited access to updated information by the various project members

How does pricing work?

Pricing is solely based off the number of users that need access. There is no limit to signs or projects those users can create. When deciding how many users you require, please take into consideration the number of surveyors in the field as well as office staff that will need to review the data and create reports. All plans come with unlimited client "view only" users.

How do I switch to Wayfindit and bring my existing information with me?

Wayfindit has the ability to import from a CSV. If your data can be put into a CSV all that is needed is to format that data using our import template. This is something you can do yourself or we can do for a small fee.

What happens if I cancel my subscription? How do I get all my data out?

Wayfindit can export all your data as a CSV and all photos within the system are automatically named based on the project to make this process as seamless as possible.

Who owns the data?

You always own your data. We still have access to be able to offer assistance if required but all your data is kept confidential. We only use your data for statistical purposes to either improve the product or report the total size of the entire database (example: 100,000 signs managed) for marketing purposes.

How is my data protected?

We use Amazon Web Services as well as a suite of security software to keep your data safe.

How are you different from your competitors?

We were the first to create an app of this type but have already seen competitors release very similar products. Where we differ is in some functionality such as being able to survey without an internet connection and are completely web based.  We also differ in the way we do our pricing. We encourage everyone looking for a solution like this to look at all the options available and decide which one works best for them.

Do you offer training?

The short answer is Yes. Onboarding and training for any new users for Enterprise clients is included in the subscription price. For all other tiers of pricing we offer these services at sign up and have an extensive tutorial library that can be referenced. If additional one-on-one training is needed we offer it at a small fee.

Can you help me conduct a survey?

Yes. We offer site survey services. Please click here for more information.

Can you help me do the sign programming?

Yes. We offer wayfinding programming services. Please click here for more information.

Is Wayfindit ideal for a new or existing signage project?

The short answer is both. It works well for new projects starting from scratch, tracking the instillation progress and creating final reports to surveying existing sites for replacement signage. 

Can I track sign quantities and cost? 

Yes. The reports tab has a section for "sign counts" that lists the number of signs for each project. Additionally, each sign type created can specify a "unit cost" and a "unit price". The "Profit Margins" report combines this information to generate a profitability report. 

Can I upload CAD files?

Sorry, no. We recommend exporting your images as PDF's and upload them to Wayfindit.