Powerful enough to get the job done,
yet simple enough anyone can use it.

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Everything you need in one place.

No more in pen and paper or multiple software. With wayfindit you can:

  • setup your projects

  • pre-program locations

  • site survey

  • punchlist

  • track installs

  • generate reports and

  • assign tasks

All this is done in one app web app that works on desktop, iOS and Android.

No more matching photos and notes.

Matching photos and notes into a database is tedious and time consuming. It also has the high potential for costly errors.

In Wayfindit all photos are automatically assigned to their location as you survey. No more guessing on what photo goes with what location.

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Staff and clients all stay on the same page.

Wayfindit is cloud based so updates are made it real time. No more guessing if you are working off the most up to date plans or what stage your project is at.

You can also give view-only access to your clients so they can see real time progress themselves and leave comments.

Complete your surveys even with no internet.

Surveying shouldn’t stop just because you are in the basement. With Wayfindit that is not a problem.

When no internet connection is available, all your survey information is stored locally on your device. When a connection is reestablished, you can easily sync all your data back to the cloud. 



Schedule tasks and stop bottlenecking.

Wayfindit has built-in task management to keep your project milestones on track. Generate request and assign individuals specific tasks, upload files and add notes to clearly set expectations and due dates so projects aren’t roadblocked.

Requests can be assigned for:

  • Surveys

  • Design

  • Estimates

  • Production

  • Permits

  • Install

  • Audit/Punchlist

Complete your project if it is 14 or 14,000 locations.

Wayfindit is designed to accommodate all your projects no matter the size. It has been used for interior and exterior projects, new construction or rebrands. Users can create unlimited number of projects and every project can have unlimited locations and unlimited number of photos. You never have to think twice about taking another photo.


For an example of Wayfindit in action see How it Works.