Wayfindit Overview Videos

There are a few good things to know before starting in Wayfindit that will make it much easier to use. Please watch the following 4 videos for an overview of how to use Wayfindit.



To keep it organized we use a nomenclature to describe different aspects of the app. The example we will use is if you are surveying a University Campus:

Dashboard - Screen where all your projects are listed. The name of the University could be used as your project name.

Group - A group is a subset of your project. For our example we would use the different buildings on campus as our groups.

Plan - A plan is an image representing the space you are surveying and is a subset of a group. For our example, the floor plans for all the different floors for each building would be plans.

Asset Library -  The asset library is collection of the common assets you survey. They are given specific characteristics like a specific colors when they show up on the map or have specific user defined fields for specific information. They can be reused from other projects and thus the same asset type only needs to be created once by a company.

Plot Point - Plot points are the locations of the different assets you are surveying. In our example we would have a plot point.


Locking Your Mobile Devices Orientation 

When surveying often pictures are taken in portrait and landscape modes. It is recommended to lock your mobile device in portrait mode to avoid the app constantly swapping between orientations. Note: this does not limit the orentation that your picures can be taken, just the orentation the app is dipalyed.