How to Use Wayfindit


Many of our clients are looking for a solution to help manage consistency across multiple projects, geographical areas, and surveyors. They are looking for an all-in-one solution that they can use for:   

  • Fabrication and Installation Quantity Lists

  • Site Surveys

  • Documenting Installs

  • Reporting to Clients

Wayfindit was specifically created for the signage industry to address these issues. Below is a simple project workflow of how the software works. 

For a more detailed review, please schedule a demo.  


Discovery and Preparation


Step 1: Collect images of the floor plan and building. Formats include PDF, PNG, JPG.

Step 2: Create a new project in Wayfindit, then upload floor plans and edit drop-down menus to reflect the specific types of assets (signs, seating, etc.) that need to be implemented. This can be done manually or with a saved library of asset types.

Step 3: Edit permissions to allow access to required individuals.


Conduct Site Survey

Step 1: Equip surveyors with mobile devices. Go to: and log in.

Step 2: Download floor and building plans to the device.

Step 3: Drop a pin on the floor plan where the sign is located.

Step 4: Capture images, take notes, and/or create drawings to document each site. You can take an unlimited number of photos at every location.

Note: You must be online to download the floor plans but can survey with or without an internet connection. Wayfindit will upload images and other data when an internet connection is available. When uploaded to the cloud, all information is available to anyone who has access to the project. 


Reports and Installation

Step 1: View the reports by floor. There are several types of reports including:

  • Master Document (PDF): Helpful for client review. Displays the primary photo of the existing location, the thumbnail of the proposed sign to be installed, and all other relevant details collected during the survey.

  • Survey Item (PDF): Displays all images taken for each location and other relevant details collected during the survey.

  • Text Only (PDF): Ideal report for internal reviews or to send to fabricator. Only displays the text based relevant details collected during the survey.

Step 2: Download the desired report and send to the fabricator, client or project manager.



Review any installed elements and assets using the Wayfindit app and document any variances via notes or images.

Fabricators and installers can address any variances within Wayfindit and make corrections as necessary. All corrections are instantly available to your entire team via Wayfindit.



After the installation of required site elements/assets is complete, facility managers, maintenance staff, and other relevant project members can use Wayfindit to review and document site status.

Project team members and stakeholders can schedule site reviews as needed to ensure that project requirements are kept up-to-date. All site reviews can contain photos, and other data to ensure that all project members have the most recent, accurate information possible.

Damaged facilities/assets/elements can be entered into the Wayfindit system effortlessly, ensuring fast resolution without the frustrations of information being carried through multiple channels.