Project Management

Project management is built directly into Wayfindit. Requests are a way to manage the necessary tasks though a projects timeline by assigning specific tasks for the different phases of a project. These phases include: Survey, Design, Estimate, Production, Permit, Install and Audit (Punchlist).

Request are highly customizable and are intended to be updated to meet each companies needs. As a Wayfindit client, we will review the request workflows that will best work with your organization.

It is important to remember that a project must be created before a request can be sent.

Also, multiple types of requests or multiple the same type request can be created without affecting the project. For example, you could create a survey request for only one type of sign for a location then later add a survey request for a different sign type. This will only generate a new request and will not duplicate the project.


Elements of a Request

All requests must be assigned to an existing project. Each request has a dashboard. It will include who sent the request, who the next task is currently assigned to, the due date and the status. As the request is completed it will be assigned to different people to complete the tasks and the status will be updated.

All this information can be filtered or sorted in each individual request dashboard.


Creating a Request

Starting from the specific request dashboard you would click on “New Request”.

A modal window will appear where the details of the request are entered.

Request Workflow

Requests are designed to provide the full detail to complete a task. With that in mind, a request cannot be sent without all the required fields filled out. This is aids in less back and forth and bottle necks to complete the request. What is required can be customized for your specific organization.

After the fields are entered and the request is assigned to someone, it is saved. The assignee will receive an email that they have been assigned to that task.

After a request has been saved documents can be added to the request.

As discussed earlier the specific workflows of a request can be customized but in general each stage of a request will have a status. For example, assigned, scheduled, in-progress, completed.

As each status is completed the request is assigned to the next person. They will receive an email with a notification that they have been assigned the next task in that request.