Wayfindit Services

In a pinch and need a few extra hands to finish your project? Wayfindit’s survey team can help.

Although we don’t actively solicit for survey or programming work, we do offer our services as subcontractors to our clients who may need it. We offer services for both surveying and programming as well as training for either. See below for more details.


Survey Services

As experienced sign consultants, Wayfindit can carry out detailed site surveys, supplying clients with detailed plans with sign locations, a complete sign schedule, and sign specifications.

We can produce quick internal and external site surveys for healthcare facilities, educational buildings, offices, and retail locations. 

We provide reports including photos and specifications for all signage.

Programming Services

Wayfindit has developed sign programming for large sports stadiums, apartment complexes, hospital and retail locations. We have worked as a subcontractor for several companies, as well as provided training to client staff to allow the programming to still be done in house.


Please contact us for a free quote if you are looking to sub-contract your site survey or sign programming .


Wayfindit Survey Network

Occasionally we get requests for surveys that we cannot accommodate and pass them on to qualified local shops. If you are interested in getting any of these referrals, please fill out the form below.