Size a Floor Plan

Floor plans can be added to Wayfindit as a PDF, JPG or PNG. There are file size restrictions to help the app run faster especially when on mobile devices. PDF's must be under 2 MB and JPG and PNG must be under 3 MB. We recommend converting floor plans into PNG's and keeping the same scale for all plans to make swapping plans easier if required. Here is how to best size your floor plans for Wayfindit. 


Step 1 

Open your editing software, we recommend Adobe Illustrator, and import your PDF floor plans one at a time. As floor plan image sizes can be a maximum of 3000 px, create art boards for each floor at 3000 x 3000 px. 

Step 2 

Scale your images within the art boards to fill the entire 3000 px. Crop off the title block if needed to make the image as large as possible.

Step 3 

Export the images as PNG's at 150 dpi.