Environmental Graphics, Signage and Wayfinding

Wayfindit Tutorials

These are step by step guides for how to use Wayfindit. First is a set of 4 videos that are an overview of the entire process. We recommend you watch them first, then you can you can use the remaining tutorials to go into more detail on each item.


Before You Start Tutorials:

Get an overview of how all the features work together in 4 short videos.


Step 1: Creating a New Project

To get started login to your account on your desktop computer using the Chrome browser. The link is app.wayfindit.com

There are only four things you need to do to setup your project.

  1. Create a new project it using the “Add Project” on dashboard.

  2. Create a structure and add your floor plans.

  3. Create a library of assets you are surveying

Some other topics for setting up your project are:


Step 2: Survey and Install From Mobile Device

There are three main things that are done from the mobile device:

  1. Survey

  2. Punchlist

  3. Install View

Please remember to only use Chrome or Safari browsers for mobile and that there is a different login. It is app.wayfindit.com/mobile

Other topics for mobile are:


Step 3: Refining Survey and Reports

This is where the surveying happens.


Task Management

Wayfindit has some built-in task management features.